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WWHD: What Would Hitler Do

by Feederz

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released April 15, 2017

Produced by Cris Kirkwood
Recorded at Premier Studios
Engineered by Jeremy Parker


tags: punk Phoenix


all rights reserved


Feederz Phoenix, Arizona

Feederz seek to slither in your succulent ears and curl up like an earwig laying eggs of dissent, subversion, deconstruction, and chaos before they start pinching their way to your brain. WWHD: What Would Hitler Do? is a release for our time. Politicians beware! Frank Discussion and his band of merry men are coming for you. ... more

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Track Name: Stealing
Stealing It's Friday night and I'm dressed for lootin' Steel ball bearings, a slingshot for shootin' We're breaking every product in creation Tonight, tonight we're bringing down your nation

Everything must go, nothing must remain Now I'm enraged, I won't be restrained We'll take some time to hang a cop or two The little lies are fallin' down and the big lie's showing through

Chorus: Stealing is good Looting is better Burn it all down The rest is a dead letter Kick in all the windows Break in all the glass
Drop another cop Right on his fucking ass

You dress in black and we'll go a prowlin' We'll do more than the law's allowin' Or tomorrow I'll be right back plowin' Tonight we're settin' the world on fire

We'll stick close to one another Up one street and down the other We'll have a time, oh brother Tonight we're settin' the world on fire
Right on his fucking ass

Fuck the Right, fuck the Right, fuck the Left, fuck the Left I prefer total subversion with a dash of theft Cuz arson is a burning desire Tonight we're settin' the world on fire

I'm not 'accepting what I cannot change' Tonight I'm changing what I won't accept Tonight we're stringing up a fuhrer and a liar Tonight we're settin' the world on fire
Track Name: Sabotage
Time to put this country... out of our misery Time to put this country out of our misery Time to put this country out of our misery Time to put this country out of our misery

Time to burn some bridges, Time to burn some stores Time to waste some sons of bitches, Time for a not so... civil war You want to fuck with mexicans, you wanna fuck with blacks You wanna fuck with all of us? Then you best watch your own fucking backs

We'll be taking down your 'empire' And turning it into a bonfire Gonna make america steak, so I've discovered new talents Sabotage, subversion: fine arts for fine combatants

Que ven los ojos, con las manos destruya Ser tan combustible como un coche patrulla No necesitamos caudillos Te amo! Digalo con un ladrillo...

We're blowing up in your face, But what did you expect? I'm not here to heal, I'm here to infect We're not just raising hell, we're bringing heaven down You want to fuck around with us? Well, not for very long